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Decorative wall panels

Stylish component of prestigious interior

Wall panel Slotex is a progressive high-quality material with wide application range, being used for interior design of premium-class rooms, possessing distinctive features. Decorative wall panel consists of full-sized high-quality chipboard double-sided coated with decorative plastic.

Commercial info

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Decorative wall panels
Production process
12 mm
1200 mm, 1220 mm
3050 mm, 2750 mm
Period order
2 weeks
Additional products
Zinc-coated aluminum profile

Application range

Decorative wall panels have wide application possibilities both in house or office design and commercial interiors:
House interior: wall trimming in living rooms, sleeping rooms, cabinets, kitchens.
Office and commercial interior: trimming of carrying walls, beams and columns, rooms partitions, decorative wall panels can be also used for production of office partitions.

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