Modern materials for modern interiors and constructions
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Comprehensive selection of the raw materials suppliers, modern equipment, innovative technology, highly qualified staff are the guarantee for the excellent quality of our laminate, which is confirmed by the certificate ISO 9001:2000


Variety of decors and surfaces in our collections will help You to make a perfect solution for any interior and style. From classic to avant-garde, continent to fresh, natural to urban – it is only bounded with Your imagination


We are the ambitious pioneers in development and implementation of the new types of decorative laminates. We definitely establish the high standards in the interior finishing

 Environmental friendliness

Our decorative laminates provide You the ecological cleanness and safety of the living and office quarters, which does not harm the human’s health due to the special hygienic an anti-bacterial characteristics of our laminates

Decorative laminate :: Decorative laminate structure

Innovation in technology - revolution in interior

Decorative laminate is a modern material, which is used as decorative covering by production of furniture, constructive and finishing materials.
Usage of this material for furniture and finishing guarantees easy cleaning, long-term conservation of appearance, hygienic compatibility.
JSC Slotex is the first producer of CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminates) in Russia.
Our company is a recognized leader on the market of decorative laminates production in Russian Federation and it cooperates with the biggest producers of furniture, furniture components and finishing materials.
Close interaction with our customers let us continuously improve the quality of our production as well as expand our decors’ collection with interesting brand-news.

Our decorative laminate has an influence on tactual sense and visual perception of worktops. Our decors collections are to satisfy the requirements of different clients and to provide accordance with any interior style. Moreover decorative laminate has different texture (stone, wood, pores etc.), what is very comfortable in point of using of materials.

Our decorative laminate also meets high hygienic standards: it can be used in direct contact with foodstuffs. Furthermore decorative laminate is easily cleaned by domestic detergents.

If they use the products, which have exclusive standards for fire safety, fire-resistant plastic, which improves fire resistance finished products, can be used.